Food & Drink

So why should you come to us?

Instead of spending hours searching out talent from different sources, you can find everything you need here, with us.

We have the biggest and best roster of photographer | filmmakers working on food and drink brands and campaigns.

. . . and we don’t just shoot stuff on plates and in cups but also; people, farming, preparing and eating food, still life and collage.

This broad range of styles and experience means we can match each budget & brief with exactly the right approach for the job.

We’re a really nice bunch of people and our purpose is to make your lives easier.

We are – Rachel Lancaster | Julie Metcalfe | Rob Streeter | Mike English | Hilary Moore | Tal Silverman | Laura Knox | Will Heap | Tony Briscoe | Ryan Ball | Ben Gold | Simon Mooney | Gavin Kingcome | Carl Warner | Jeremy Baile | Rob White | Detail Films | David Munns | Tessa Traeger and Nadege Meriau.

For our own piece of mind we work with FoodCycle  and Olio.